A Few Cautionary Remarks From Bill

1)Beware of single rifles advertised as NIB ("New In Box"). Many of these rifles may look new, but are not. Many have had several owners over the past few years. I have rifles I've shot for years, that if placed in a box could pass for NIB.
2)Beware of small, part-time, hobby-dealers who advertise all out of proportion to their ability to provide rifles or orders for custom rifles. Some of these individuals know little of the rifles they attempt to peddle. Having been a Shiloh shooter for 20 years and now a Ballard shooter too, I know and understand the rifles, their history, the current options available to all models and the different model applications. I am always glad to talk to the beginner or accomplished black powder shooter. While not claiming to be an expert, I do have enough practical knowledge of these rifles and cartridges to help any customer order the perfect rifle and options to meet any requirements.
3)Buying a Shiloh rifle is a major investment. Be sure you make your purchase from someone who understands your needs and the rifles that fulfill them. I personally deliver MVA sights to Shiloh. Living close to Shiloh and having hundreds of orders placed with them ensures I am in constant contact with them.  I am a FULLTIME dealer in Shiloh, and antique arms. This is all I do! I am here today and I'll be here for your next order in the future!