Bill Goodman has been an active shooter and collector or all kinds of antique and black powder cartridge firearms for over 35 years.  He is particularly fond of fine single shot rifles- both muzzle loader and cartridge. Bill's first Shiloh Sharps rifle was a Model 1863 Percussion Sporter in .54 caliber purchased in 1979.  He used this rifle in informal black powder/muzzle loader shoots to create quite a stir (and often envy) among the other shooters.  Perhaps having the only breechloader percussion rifle made him a much sought after team member for rapid fire "stake-bust" events!  Bill started shooting black powder cartridges around 1980 when he purchased his first Shiloh Sharps cartridge rifle- a Business Model in .50-70 Government caliber (which is still a favorite and sees much use).  

          Back in the early 1980s few people understood how to effectively load  black powder cartridges.  Mostly it was trial and error with lots of emphasis on the "error" part.  Today's black powder cartridge shooter has it much easier than the typical shooter of only twenty-five years ago.  Now there are both books and periodicals devoted to black powder cartridge shooting.  Twenty-five years ago a three inch 100 yard group with black powder cartridges would have been phenomenal and probably only achieved with swabbing the bore between shots.  Today a three inch 200 yard group fired without cleaning between shots is common and not particularly noteworthy.

          Being a full time mail order antique/collector firearms dealer, and having developed an affection for Sharps rifles (original and Shilohs), it was was only natural for Bill to become a dealer for Shiloh Sharps.  He placed his first orders as a Shiloh dealer in November of 1993.  He continued placing orders each month from there on.  Those first rifles from November 1993 arrived in November of 1997.  Selling Shiloh Sharps has been non-stop since then.  With over 2,000 rifles sold, Bill is the largest dealer of Shiloh Sharps (and probably larger than any of the 1870s dealers too!).  He is also the only stocking dealer of Shiloh Sharps rifles. 

          Being knowledgeable of original and new production Sharps as well as shooting these firearms, Bill is in  a unique position to help the beginning or advanced shooter choose the perfect rifle for his or her needs.  Give him a call when you are ready to purchase one of these fine American Made rifles. He is never too busy to discuss your black powder rifle needs.